Our Board Leaders

Aaron Schlechter
Communications Manager

Tesla: Model X 75D

Sarah Blais
Strategic Partners Manager

Tesla: White Model S 60D

Sarah Blais is a Child/Family Educator, currently working in the Early Head Start program. She has worked with families and children for over 22 years, in various roles. Sarah is the CEO and Founder of www.positivefamilies.com and delivers parent coaching and award winning workshops. Sarah moved from Europe to Denver with her husband Greg 6 years ago. She loves horse back riding, fine wining and dining, and driving her Tesla to meet friends and new members at the local Tesla Club events.

Kay Talley
Events Manager

Tesla: Black Model S 60

Kay has always had a love of automobiles and aircraft – not to mention computers. Intrigued by an automobile that was essentially a computer on wheels, the MDLS was immediately a natural fit

In 2014, her inspiration and love of technology helped develop the aftermarket Li-Ion Guard surge-protector with her own company.

Presently working on commercial building DAS Public Safety Systems, Kay takes care of business development and marketing.

Previously, in her native land of the UK, she worked extensively in the film industry.

Education Background – London School of Economics Extensions Associates.

Fun Fact – Kay was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Sean Mitchell

Tesla: Black Model S 60

Sean is a native of Austin, Texas but spent most of his late teens and early 20s traveling to nearly 30 countries doing non-profit work. He ended up in Colorado after meeting his now wife at a wedding in Colorado Springs in 2006. They kept in touch long distance and after 9 months he was so smitten, he decided to leave his communications job in Austin for Colorado Springs in September of 2007. They eventually married 13 months after his arrival.

The state of Colorado is also where he got his start in sales, working for a multi-billion dollar education software company. Sean realized that effectively understanding buyer’s needs and matching products with those needs was a big passion and hobby of his. His success led him to a small but quickly growing real estate software company in 2011 where he saw how important the real estate industry is to the economy and how buying a home is one of the most important investments a consumer will make in their lifetime. His appreciation for the real estate industry eventually inspired him to become a real estate agent, working directly with buyers and sellers to help their journey be a simple, stress-free one.

Sean loves that he can channel his successful sales career into helping his clients sell their home for the best possible price and buy the home that fits exactly what they’re looking for.

In his spare time, he loves to hike Colorado’s many 14’ers, follow the technology and software industry, and take family road trips in his Tesla.